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Prompt Central’s billing staff is here to help you in the event that you have questions about your ambulance or wheelchair transport bill, your insurance coverage, or if you need to make payment arrangements. Our billing office is open during normal business hours, from 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday. To reach a member of our billing staff, please call Prompt Central Dispatch, and request billing: (765) 448-4327.

Pay My Bill

If you wish to send a personal check for bill payment, please enclose the payment stub along with the check to ensure that our staff properly credits your account. Checks should be mailed to:

Prompt Ambulance Central
1600 Kepner Drive, Suite E
Lafayette, IN 47905

Billing FAQs

Q: Does my insurance cover ambulance service?
A: Insurance plans vary, and coverage for ambulance service depends on your plan.

Q: I'm on a fixed or limited income. Will Prompt allow me to make payments?
A: Prompt will work with you to set up an affordable payment plan that will fit your budget. If you would like to submit an application for a payment plan, please complete a hardship application and send it to Prompt Billing.

Q: I am currently experiencing serious financial hardship, and I may not be abl to pay my bill on time. What should I do?
A: In select circumstances, Prompt will consider hardship discounts. If you would like to submit a hardship request, please complete a hardship application and send it to Prompt Billing.

Q: I received a check from my insurance company for ambulance service provided by Prompt. What should I do with it?
A: In some cases, insurance companies pay their clients directly. If this is the case with your insurance company, you may deposit the check and simply write a personal cehck to Prompt for the same amount, or you may endorse the check to Prompt as follows:
i. On the back of the check, write "Pay to the Order of" on the top line
ii. Write "Prompt Ambulance Service" on the next line to transfer funds.

Q: I received a check from my insurance company. Why didn't I get a bill from Prompt?
A: Initially, Prompt bills your insurance. We then wait for an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) or a Denial of Payment. Once we receive notice from your insurance, Prompt will send a bill to you only if there is an outstanding balance. You can request a bill from Prompt at any time by calling our Billing Office at (765) 448-4327, and ask for Billing.

Q: I received a bill, but you did not bill my insurance. Why?
A: It is likely that we did not receive your insurance information from the Hospital, the Doctor's Office, or from the Care Facility. We will gladly bill your insurance if you can please supply Prompt with a copy of your insurance card (both front and back). If a signature was not obtained on the Benefit Authorization Form, our billing staff can assist you with this, and then bill your insurance company.

Q: I have Medicare, Anthem, or another insurance plan. Why did I receive a bill for a wheelchair transport?
A: Medicaid (not Medicare) is the only insurance that will pay for wheelchair transports.

Q: I'm moving a family member from one nursing home to another care facility. Will insurance cover the cost of this ambulance transport?
A: In most cases, insurance WILL NOT pay for a nursing home to nursing home transport. However, if a physician determines that a higher level of care or specialty care is needed, and is not available at the current care facility, insurance will normally cover this cost. The paperwork from the Physician is required.

Q: I would like to take my family member from their care facility to a Doctor's appointment, or to a family gatheringm and I know that insurance will likely not cover the cost. I realize that I will have to pay the bill myself. How does this work?
A: Prompt asks for a percentage of the ambulance transport cost in advance. We will then bill you for the balance after the service is completed. We also offer discounts for self-pay patients in order to assist them with their ambulance transport needs. Please contact our Billing Office for assistance at (765) 448-4327.

Have a Question?

If you would like to submit a question to our billing staff by email, please send an email to

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