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Community Event Coverage

At Prompt Central we are dedicated to service for our communities. Our staff provides EMS coverage for community events, area high school athletic events, 5-10K runs, church gatherings, and many other community activities where large groups of people will be attending and participating. If your organization would like to request EMS coverage, please contact Prompt Central several weeks in advance schedule the activity and arrange for coverage. If your organization is a not for profit, a public school, or faith based, Prompt Central may be able to arrange our services free of charge. Please call us in advance to discuss how we can help.

Special Event Coverage

Prompt Central provides EMS coverage for a wide range of special events, fairs, and private gatherings. If your organization is hosting auto races or motocross, equine events, fairs or music events with large groups, or any event that requires the presence of trained medical and emergency response personnel, Prompt can provide the appropriate level of coverage to help you host a safe and fun event.

Prompt in the Community

Community Training Events/Health Fairs

These events include Farm Medic training, MCI training (Mass Casualy Incident), IU Arnett and Wabash National Health Fair.

EMS Camp Discovery

EMS Camp Discovery is a one week camp experience hosted by Prompt Central for high school junior and seniors interested in EMS careers.

EMS Coverage for Large Community Events

EMS coverage for large community events like Mosey Down Main Street events in Downton Lafayette, Jasper County Fair, and CArousel Fest in Logansport.

Greater Lafayette Taste of Care

A Prompt Central charity fundraising gala to benefit the Cornerstone Austim Foundation.

Prompt Ambulance Internship Program

The Prompt Ambluance Internship Program is an opportunity for high school students to learn firsthand about the fiel of EMS. For more information visit the EMS Education Resources page.

Volunteering EMS Coverage for Faith Base Organizations & Non-Profits

Examples include the Easter Eggstravaganza for First Assembly or the Right Steps Run 10k fundraiser for Right Steps Child Care Centers.

The Prompt Institute of Paramedicine Class Begin's Soon!

Click the link below for more info.

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The 2017 Indiana EMS Association Conference

Only a few months until the Conference.

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Discover EMS Camp

It's time again, Prompt's 3rd annual Discover EMS Camp in June.

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