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Indiana Mobile Collaborative

The Indiana Mobile Health Collaborative, IMHC is a Not for Profit founded in 2015, whose mission is to support the growth and development of Community Paramedicine (CP) and Mobile Integrated Healthcare (MIH) programs in Indiana. IMHC provides support and consultation services to EMS and healthcare agencies in Indiana that are seeking diversified EMS deployment models. CP programs have the unique capability to provide improved access and higher quality care for both rural and urban communities. By providing quality care to patients who are underserved, CP/MIH programs also fulfill the Triple Aim Initiative, and realize our primary goal as caregivers, which is to help people in need. Interested in learning more, click here.

The Prompt Institute of Paramedicine is accepting students!

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The 2016 Indiana EMS Association Conference

Only a few months until the Conference.

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Discover EMS Camp

Prompt hosted the 2nd annual Discover EMS Camp in June.

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